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Interested in writing for our Hip-hop Library?  We’re currently looking for new authors for the following albums:

  • Krown Rulerz – Paper Chase
  • LL Cool J – Radio
  • A Tribe Called Quest – The Low End Theory
  • The Fugees – The Score
  • Bahamadia – Kollage
  • The Roots – Things Fall Apart
  • Dead Prez – Let’s Get Free

Send us a message if you’re passionate about any of these albums and have a story to tell.  Also, if you’re interested in promoting the arts, we’re looking for new supporters who want to fund the brilliant minds who create, research, and share stories with us.

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Yasiin Bey, who goes by the moniker Mos Def, and his colleague Talib Kweli are without a doubt a two-man movement, a force to be reckoned with from the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Mos and Talib met in the mid-90’s at Washington Square Park which was like a Mecca for freestyling and battling emcees at the time.  The eventual collaboration from these two artists who were born only a few years apart seemed destined to be, as their paths had also crossed at local spoken word events. In 1997, they even ended up working at the same place, a local joint named Nkiru Books, Brooklyn’s first black bookstore (which they decided to purchase and run together a year after their first joint project dropped). […]

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