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Interested in writing for our Hip-hop Library?  We’re currently looking for new authors for the following albums:

  • Krown Rulerz – Paper Chase
  • LL Cool J – Radio
  • A Tribe Called Quest – The Low End Theory
  • The Fugees – The Score
  • Bahamadia – Kollage
  • The Roots – Things Fall Apart
  • Dead Prez – Let’s Get Free

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I first heard of this project through its singles, and thought they were good but definitely not great. Once the album released, I completely change my mind. This album must be consumed as a whole. As with Section.80, Kendrick preforms like a storyteller on every track, but this album surpasses that project in cohesion, production, and imagery. The cover of the album says “A Short Film by Kenrick Lamar” and that’s exactly what it feels like. You’re listening to the whole thing, but also watching a young man grow up in Compton and getting a look at his external and internal struggles. Even tracks like “Backstreet Freestyle” make perfect sense in the project and feel instantly recognizable to anyone who’s ever wasted time with their […]

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