Greatest Hits

2pac Greatest Hits Cover

“Honestly 2Pac is overrated!” – He’s the only rapper that fully says what’s on his mind and in my opinion that’s exactly what made him the best rapper in the world. This album-set is incredible and would make a great starting point for anyone interested in learning 2Pac’s music. I gravitate to “Changes,” one of the tracks that’s new on this album, but “Dear Mama” (First on All Eyez on Me) isn’t bad either, you know. I honestly think the kids of today should listen to this album since it embodies and pulls off the “I don’t care, imma say what’s on my mind” attitude. Overall, if you listen to these songs, especially tracks like “Changes,” you can see how much truth he brings in telling it like it is and like it should be in this workd. RIP 2Pac.