Like Father, Like Son

Birdman & Lil Wayne - Like Father, Like Son Cover

Like Father, Like Son is a collaborative studio album by Birdman and Lil Wayne that came out almost twelve years ago on Cash Money & Universal Records. Frankly speaking, I consider it a classic and could care less if others think an album has to go platinum to be thought of like that. Is it the best? No, there are older albums and ones out right now that I’d choose over this, but nonetheless, I love it, partially because it features reputable stars like T-Pain, Fat Joe, and Snoop.

Digging into the tracks, the album starts with “Loyalty,” that they take to mean something like family, respect, and not taking bullshit (but not giving any either, unless it’s deserved). After the first music track is the album’s main single, “Stuntin’Like My Daddy.” There’s a solid rhythm and style to it, but the repetition of the word daddy everywhere is what really stands out. Back in ‘06, I guess that word was more ok, but I feel like a kid listening to it today would recoil from it – a completely. The next track, “1st Key” is my favorite because it resonates with anyone who’s ever lived that sort of life; it’s honest about the fear. Maybe this is even an anthem for people still in that life.

Lil Wayne earned my respect with his music during the 2000s, but at the end of the day, it feels like artists get money, get lazy, and then get a Grammy. Wayne’s album here and what he makes now has always been about the money, and Like Father, Like Son does that till a point of repetition. Lyrically, the track blend together and it’s mostly the beat that changes from track to track. No matter what, it’s always about money for both artists. Nevertheless, I’m true to Cash Money and will always keep a copy of this album. Aside from the tracks mentioned by name already, the only other stand out suggestion from this project I have is “Leather So Soft.”