My name is Bruce, but most people call me Big Bro. I’m from Camden, NJ and music has been my life since day one. I grew up ‘onna South Side of Camden, aka Parkside, and found my love of hip-hop through poetry and playing trumpet. The first rap group I ever listened to was Run-DMC and remember when I decided the coolest rapper was LL. After that, I found myself transitioning to hardcore gangsta rap like Scarface & Ghetto Boyz. Where I’m from made Ghetto Boy stories’ more relatable overtime than what came out in the 80’s. That said, hip-hop is life and I’m open to hearing all different kinds of rap. If an artist’s music resonates with me, their music makes it into my day-to-day.

When I’m not listening to other great artists, I’m perfecting my own craft in the industry. Trazsh Man is another part of who I am: a gritty rap truther who isn’t pc in modern America. I won’t speak too much on this emcee, and would rather you check him out and give your own opinions on his music—good, bad, or ugly. Aside from all that, I’ve produced, directed, and edited films, created cartoons, and designed graphic covers for various artists throughout the tri-state area.

For me, hip-hop culture is more than a mic, it’s truly a way of life. I hope you enjoy what I do, who I am, and my honest views on hip-hop music, past, present, and future. One thing is fasure, I will always give you what exactly what’s on my mind – as should you.

Album Reviews

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