George Hernandez portrait

George Hernandez

What’s up?! My name is George and first off, I just want to say I’m extremely thankful for this opportunity to use my voice and creativity in a positive way. Even though this is the first time I’ve professionally reviewed anything, I feel right at home doing so because I’m an aspiring artist who understand how important it is to give every album the time it deserves. Once you’ve been behind the scenes and a part of the magic of creating, it’s impossible to ignore how much effort and talent go into producing art.

As far back as I can remember, music has always been a huge part of my life. I can recall being in a booster seat, in the back of a minivan – probably 4 or 5 years old – reciting “My Name Is” and thinking Slim Shady was the guy’s real name. Around the same time, my cousin asked how I could remember all types of songs’ lyrics, and that was way before I was even allowed to go outside on my own. When mp3 players came out, just a little later, Santa knew instantly it was my must-have present. Before I got one, I remember having 50 artists (and counting) I’d discovered written down so I’d be able to download and listen to them all on day one (crazy to think back on that now, cause it’s kinda hard to even think of 25 artists off the top of my head now without checking my phone for reference). Anyway, my love of music has always been strong and is only developing the older I grow.

In high school school I bought an interface and a MacBook , but was too busy turning up with the homies to use it productively, but after graduating in ‘12, I started to record. Encouraged by my dad saying I had a way with words and loving listening to other people’s music, I got serious into making music instead of getting a job or going to college. All summer, I plugged up in the garage, started, and ended my days “in the stu.” I left my garage door open the whole time and this led many of my peers in to check out what the noise was all about. Before long, a few select people came consistently, ready to work on songs of their own or collaborate on beats I created. We all became pretty tight, but it was apparent time waits for no one and I knew I needed to get a job or go to school. I decided to do both. It wasn’t hard to find a routine that accommodated all my responsibilities: record when the sun came up, do class full-time from 9 – 5, and work part-time from 6 – 11. After that, I’d still do the studio ‘till the break of dawn (and made a song off the concept). Because of that schedule, we started to call ourselves ‘urlyburd.’ That community is still growing.

Today, everyone has their own home studio, and it’s easy to get things done self-sufficiently and collab through email. I’m also proud to say I’m six classes away from obtaining my Bachelor’s in Music Business. I’m also excited to be on a writing team with The Muse Collaborative so I can get back to my roots and focus on how music makes me feel and what I learn from clever and witty lyric delivery. Now’s the time to stop worrying about the clock and get to the business of music.

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