Joe White portrait

Joe White

“Hip-hop for me, it’s my story. Early DMX, KRS-One’s Return of the Boom Bap, Gang Starr, Jay Z on Reasonable Doubt – those guys are the soundtrack of my life. They rap about the struggle and trying to be successful, about the normal, every day up and down.”

Born and raised in Camden, Joseph White is a dedicated father and husband, a screen printer, and music lover. He was one of the first supporters of The Muse Collaborative and joined the board to help others in his city chase dreams he wasn’t able to dream. Joe has worked for Camden Printworks for over fifteen years, helped found BIGNOIZEINC, coaches a local football team, and is a strong supporter of Rising Leaders, UrbanPromise, and Project HOPE. He grew up playing trombone, trumpet, and percussion and was part of Woodrow Wilson’s marching band all throughout high school.

“Really, I want to give back. I’m always trying to figure out how to connect people in their situation to other people moving in the same direction, even if that’s just getting someone’s local business on a t-shirt.”