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Skye Horbrook

Hello, my name is Skye! I am a music lover who still buys CDs. I enjoy the tangible album art and turning through the booklet to learn all the details behind the music. Before Spotify made its debut, I saved all my favorite songs & covers to Youtube playlists. I was DJ Ideology on (similar to where I played the best songs to match the vibe of a room of internet listeners. While on constant road trips with my AmeriCorps team, I created playlists for each of my four teammates so we could both enjoy the music while driving or navigating in the front of the van.

A common thread with the music I enjoy is the soul. I define soul as a collective feeling of honesty & truth. I believe soul can be found in any genre of music. With hip hop, I gravitate towards old school and conscious rap. I love a good crate digging sample and a solid production. Some of my favorite producers are 9th Wonder, Salaam Remi, and J Dilla.

I see music as a pathway to connect with others. As a techie, I appreciate how technology can connect people to songs they want to hear and discover. I see the Muse Collaborative as a great way to utilize the hip-hop arts as a connection for the Camden community. I am looking forward to listening to Hip Hop I have not heard before. Being a research assistant is a cool way to place focus back on the album as an experience, not just songs as separate moments in time.

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