Get Involved

As an organization defined by its relationships, The Muse Collaborative is constantly looking to connect with new people.  Whether you want to follow one of our predefined paths or carve out your own, please get a hold of us and let us know.



We are currently looking for both general volunteers and those with specific, professional skill sets (e.g. DJs, financial auditing, social media marketing, etc.).  Volunteers are asked to commit to either a set amount of time every week or a specific project for their service and tend to work with the organization for at least two months. Contact us at for more information.



Don’t know where to start?  Not a problem.  Our staff are always willing to grab a coffee, a beer, or a park bench with you and listen.  We can introduce you to our organization, its opportunities, and our goals. Feel free to contact any of us directly or send a message to



Once a month, we hold an open dialogue about our programs and plans, the needs of the community, and other topic of interest residents and artists choose to voice.  Find out more here.


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