Muse Update – DJ, Turn It Up

Closeup of sliders on a mixing board

So these updates are about to become routine, and if I’m on my game, I’ll make publishing them an every few Mondays sort of thing.  We’ll quickly find out how I do with my caffeine intake and content writing based on how tightly that timeline holds.  Fluff introductions aside, I’m hoping to get out of the writing slump I’ve been in and give yall genuine content, not just generic, neutered, non-profit filler.  I’ll do my best to let you know about plans we have for The Muse Collaborative as well as our successes and failures.  Hyper-reflective ranting will probably make its way into these posts (because that’s just me as a person) as well.  And with any luck, as we grow, I’ll pass around the baton so others from the organization can speak their piece – no sense in monopolizing the voice represented in these posts.  To that end, if there’s ever something you’d like us to consider/write/discuss, please don’t hesitate to send a message so we can consider your thoughts as well.

This summer feels like a beginning long coming, like a deep breath of air and a powerful exhale at the summit of a mountain climb.  We’re starting to run consistent programming around the city and the foundation of our organization is taking shape.  While nailing down stable funding is a process we’re working through, we’re creating the connections we need in order to serve the hip-hop artists and community of Camden to the best of our ability.  No half-assing it allowed.

Right, it’s time to get packed up and ready for another night of albums at Serrano’s Tavern (aka Schemenski’s).  We’re playing Cookie Crew’s Born This Way tonight.  If you’re free, swing by and spend some time with friends.

~ michael