Muse Update: Website Launch

Obscured code from a text editor

Finally, after way too many months of, “Coming in 20xx…” here’s the first iteration of our new website.  Enjoy it, critique it, and help us build out new features.  While this isn’t everything we intended to launch, it’s important we step out of the silence we’ve been dwelling in – better to be on the ground moving than waiting around for perfection.  We plan to publish news on our site (and across social media) with much more frequency now that we’ve gotten past this initial hurdle.

Most of the work we’ve done is behind the scenes and for that we want to thank Josh, Erin, Aaron, Joel, Dave, and Eric for the countless hours they’ve poured into this project.  Their effort means new features will be much easier to publish and troubleshoot in the future. If you notice any problems across the site (or if you want to give us an ego boost), feel free to contact us directly at  We’re also looking for people to help us curate site content and work on css/php coding behind the scenes, so if either of those options excite you, let us know.