Our programs exist at the intersection of our values and the desire of our community.  While there’s a lot of good work to be done in the world, the projects and programs we build are tightly focused around our mission, our talents, and our city, which helps us achieve excellence.  When it’s possible to partner with others, we do so.  When we’re not the right group to run a program, we’ll let you know.

There’s always breathing room in our work schedule; there’s always time for conversation, improvement, evaluation, and adaptation because our programs grow out of real relationships and dialogues. If you’d like to directly lend your voice to the work of the organization, come to one of our Community Roundtables. Or, if you’d like something less formal and a bit more fun, check out one of the weekly events we run across Camden.

Our next wave of programs will directly support the creation and promotion of the hip-hop arts. If you’re an active or aspiring graffiti artist, rapper, DJ, producer, or dancer, now’s a perfect opportunity to become a designer and supporter of The Muse Collaborative. Help us build our efforts and reputation person by person, experience by experience, and program by program.

We’ll also be putting significant energy into the development of our Hip-hop Library this year. First, we’ll fill out our digital presence and then, in time, create a physical location as well.